Destiny 2’s First Bungie Bounty Announced, Here’s Who You’re Hunting

A new Destiny 2 activity of sorts is coming up soon. Bungie has announced Destiny 2’s first-ever Bungie Bounty. Returning from Destiny 1, this is where Bungie puts a virtual bounty on a player’s head and challenges the community to hunt them down to earn a reward.

So who are you hunting down this time? In a blog post, Bungie confirmed that it’s professional streamer Gigz who is being hunted. You’ll be able to find him in Destiny 2’s Competitive Crucible playlist on PlayStation 4 from 8-10 PM PT on September 27.

Gigz isn’t on his own, however, as he’ll be joined by a fireteam that includes Destiny developers like senior designer Josh Hamrick (imtylerdurden), senior designer Kevin Yanes (Tocom), and community manager Cosmo (Cozmo_BNG).

Take down Gigz and you’ll receive the Sign of Mutual Combat emblem, which you can see above. The emblem will show up in your vault “within a week” after earning it.

This Bungie Bounty is only available on PlayStation 4 but there will be future Bounties that are held on Xbox One, the developer said.