Destiny 2 Nightfall Strike Guide: Exodus Crash, Modifiers, And Cheese [Last Chance]

The latest weekly reset in Destiny 2 has occurred, kicking off the next week of activities in Bungie’s recently launched shooter. Among other things, that means the next Nightfall Strike is now available, as are its new modifiers, Challenges, and rewards. [Update: It’s Monday, and the next weekly reset is coming up soon. Following maintenance, Destiny 2 is back online with a new update, giving you one last chance to complete the Nightfall.]

This week’s Nightfall is the Exodus Crash Strike. As with all Nightfalls in Destiny 2, it features a time limit, so you won’t be able to approach this as you would a Strike in the first game. A total of three modifiers are active this week, one of which again offers a way to earn additional time. Timewarp: Anomalies presents a limited number of objects throughout the mission for you to shoot; each one provides an additional 30 seconds of time to finish the Strike.

The other two modifiers more directly impact combat. Attrition is a new one to Destiny 2 and limits your natural shield and health regeneration. However, enemies will sometimes create wells of Light when they’re slain, allowing you to restore your health and charge your Super. Prism comes back for the third week in a row, only this will be the first time it functions correctly for the duration. During the Strike, Prism rotates through each of the three elements, with the chosen element doing additional damage (and the others doing less than usual). Following the release of the new Destiny 2 update, this now functions correctly, as the message indicating the chosen element no longer lasts for just a brief moment. Additionally, an on-screen effect helps to highlight when the element changes from one to the next. [Update: It looks as if Prism was active earlier but has been removed for this week, leaving you with just Attrition and Timewarp: Anomalies.]

As for Challenges, there are a total of three. Speed Of Dark asks you to finish the Nightfall with 5 or more minutes remaining, which will likely require taking full advantage of Timewarp: Anomalies. Unbroken requires Fireteams to die less than three times over the course of the Strike. Faster Than Lightning adds an additional wrinkle to the Thaviks fight, tasking Fireteams with killing nine Shanks with melee attacks before finishing off Thaviks.

As Destiny players are prone to do, they’ve also identified a glitch of sorts, or cheese for this week’s Nightfall. As documented in this video, it’s possible to obtain an endless supply of Anomalies, effectively providing you with unlimited time to complete the Strike.

Completion of the Nightfall rewards players with Powerful Gear rewards. This is one of the few activities to offer those, and they’re among the best items you can get your hands on. It’s also a reliable way to increase your Power level past 265. If you haven’t made it to that point, you may want to consider waiting until after you’ve raised your Power level before grabbing the Nightfall reward. This Nightfall will be available until the next weekly reset, which occurs at 2 AM PT / 5 AM ET / 10 AM BST on Tuesday, September 25.

If you have not yet unlocked the Nightfall, you’ll need to complete two Strikes and approach the suggested Power level of 240 before Zavala will allow you to take part in them. Matchmaking is not available, but with the Guided Games beta underway, players have the opportunity to be matched up with members of a clan for the mission. Alternatively, clan members can sign up to serve as guides through the Nightfall (which does not require a Ticket).