Final Fantasy XV News: Ravus Nox Fleuret Expected To Be Featured in ‘Episode Ignis’

Another character-driven downloadable content pack will be released for “Final Fantasy 15” before the year is up, and it will feature Ignis along with one of the game’s more complex personalities.

A new trailer highlighting the different goings-on inside the game’s universe contained a short preview of the “Episode Ignis” DLC pack.

The DLC pack is previewed at right around the 1:05 mark of the trailer, and it showed the titular character Ignis fending off a group of enemies while backed up by Ravus Nox Fleuret

Ravus shares a complicated relationship with Noctis and his friends, including Ignis. That is why it is interesting to see them working together, even if they may just be doing so reluctantly.

Ignis getting an ally in the new DLC pack is probably not that surprising since the two previously released character-driven add-ons also featured Noctis’ friends paired up with other “Final Fantasy 15” characters.

As Twinfinite pointed out, “Episode Gladiolus” featured Gladiolus teaming up with Cor Leonis, while in “Episode Prompto,” the titular character was shown working together with Aranea Highwind.

Fans will just have to wait and see if the Ignis-Ravus pairing will be a hit or a mismatch.

Aside from what was shown in the trailer embedded above, there was another preview of “Episode Ignis” that surfaced online a while back.

The brief preview was one players could see after they finished “Episode Prompto” and it featured Ignis pinned to the ground with soldiers all around him.

Ardyn also made an appearance, and Ignis did not enjoy seeing him.

Only bits and pieces of what will be eventually included in “Episode Ignis” are out now, though fans should be able to learn more in the weeks ahead.

“Final Fantasy 15” players will be able to find out what is inside “Episode Ignis” as soon as the DLC pack is released sometime this December.