X-Kira discovers new animation for Ryu in background files of Street Fighter 5, claims it’s character’s second V-Trigger

Brazilian data miner X-Kira has been hard at work since the latest Street Fighter 5 update rolled out last Tuesday, and his explorations behind the game’s curtain are yielding some interest-piquing finds.

Seeing as this is all unofficial, we have zero certainty that any of these new files will actually see the light of day, or remain as they are if they do come to fruition. Please keep that in mind as you read on.

Yesterday X-Kira came out with a few new videos highlighting some of the information he’s discovered thus far. The central focus of the news was, up until two hours ago, placeholder character slots that seem to imply DLC characters throughout 2024.

Just earlier today however, X-Kira produced another video showing off Ryu’s animations. Towards the end we see an all new movement similar to his V-Trigger activation, only with an open palm instead of a fist.

Rumors about expansions to SF5’s mechanics have been circulating for quite some time, and the data miner deems his latest discovery a quick glimpse at what will eventually be Ryu’s second V-Trigger, a technique that sends him into Evil Ryu mode.

We’ve included both of X-Kira’s new videos for you to watch, and you can see the comparison between Ryu’s old and possibly new V-Trigger animations in this GIF: