Yamcha’s voice actor confirms he’s been recording lines for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Round up your Saibamen

Exciting (though perhaps all not that surprising) news today as we share that Tōru Furuya has confirmed that he’s doing Yamcha’s lines in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Furuya’s Twitter has a few tweets from over the last few months that essentially reveal Yamcha’s presence in the upcoming fighting game.

Yamcha, a character more prominent in Dragon Ball as opposed to the subsequent sagas, is often seen cheering from the sidelines and observing fights nowadays.

Fans have a running joke about Yamcha’s uselessness, comparing him to characters like Pokemon’s Magikarp, and exposing his frailty (he’s been killed a few times) by creating memes depicting his being killed by such characters.

At this point we don’t know exactly to what capacity we’ll be seeing the Dragon Ball character. He could possibly be a full roster member, but is also a somewhat likely candidate for an assistant a la Android 17.

Click the Saibamen to see Furuya’s tweets: