A First Look at the NieR:Automata Novel – A Long Story

I just got the novel and flipped through it today. It was 218 pages and seems to follow the narrative of the game well from what I’ve skimmed through thus far.

Table of Contents and More

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: 2B’s Story – Activation
  • Chapter 2: 2B’s Story – Resonance
  • Chapter 3: 2B’s Story – Contact
  • Chapter 4: 2B’s Story – Alienation
  • Chapter 5: 2B’s Story – Confrontation
  • Chapter 6: 2B’s Story – Reunion (Ending A/B)
  • Chapter 7: 9S’s Story – Loss
  • Chapter 8: 9S’s Story – Pilgrimage
  • Chapter 9: 9S’s Story – Obsession
  • Chapter 10: 9S’s Story – The Truth (Ending D)
  • Epilogue

There are several “side” moments in chapters that give a personal look into the character’s thoughts and additional scenes. Here’s a quick breakdown of those segments:

  • Chapter 1: Another Side “Adam”, p. 26-28
  • Chapter 2: Another Side “Eve”,  p. 53-56
  • Chapter 3: Another Side “A2”, p. 72-78
  • Chapter 4: Another Side “Adam”, p. 106-110
  • Chapter 5: Another Side “Eve”, p. 125-128
  • Chapter 6: Pod, p. 157-158
  • Chapter 7: Another Side “A2”, p. 190-193
  • Chapter 8: Another Side “A2”, p. 228-250
  • Chapter 9: Another Side “A2”, p. 270-279

There are a couple hexadecimal blurbs in some of A2’s chapter segments, which I will list below (the majority take place in her “Another Side” in Chapter 7, with the last in Chapter 8.

Meeting with Pascal – パスカルとの出会い

Reunion with Anemone – アネモネと再会

Visiting Pascal’s Village – パスカルの村来訪

Exterminate the Bad Machines – 悪い機械を退治

Children Lost in Confusion – 子供達に懐かれ困惑

More Confusion – ますます困惑

Disaster in Pascal’s Village – パスカル村に異変

Joint Battle with Pascal – パスカルとの共闘

Pascal’s Despair – パスカルの絶望

Toward the Goliath – 大型ユニットへ

Reunion with 9S – 9Sと再開

Battle in the Library, Moving On – 図書館で戦闘、先へ進む

New Illustrations

I also took pics of Itahana Toshiyuki’s illustrations that are spread throughout the book! You can check these new scans out below or in the image gallery here.

“A Short Story”

In addition to “A Long Story”, author Eishima Jun is currently writing a collection of short story novellas from the perspective of Emil in “A Short Story”.

Spoilers and Important Happenings in the Novel

  • A2 decides to erase Pascal’s memory.
  • It’s suggested that A2 didn’t previously know that 2B was actually an E model until she fused with 2B’s memory and knew how hard it was for her to keep killing 9S over and over…
  • 9S realizes that his body is moving against his will due to the virus toward the end of the fight with A2.
  • Pod042 and Pod153 state that if they help reconstruct 2B, 9S, and A2 that this would be against their programming since they were tasked with completing the disposal and deletion of all information relating to YoRHa. Pod153 seems reluctant to go along with Pod042’s wishes because breaking with protocol would make them outcasts which the other Pods would attempt to destroy, But they somehow attack the Pod network, which essentially turns all the other Pods to their side.