Kingdom Hearts III’s Toy Story Visuals Wowed Pixar, Big Hero 6 World Only In Early Stages

Recently at the Disney D23 Expo, Square Enix made both Disney and JRPG fanatics’ dreams come true by announcing an all-new Toy Story World forKingdom Hearts III. Woody, Buzz, and company look impressive – in fact, based on a side-by-side comparison, Kingdom Hearts III looks even better than the first Toy Storymovie. But were Toy Story creators Pixar impressed by what Square Enix has been able to achieve?

Apparently, there were. Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura spoke a bit more about recreating the world of Toy Story with Japanese gaming mag Famitsu. We don’t have direct quotes from the interview, but DualShockers conveyed the basics of what was said — according to Nomura, Square Enix only received simple sample data and models from Pixar, but, surprisingly, they were able to use that to accurately replicate Toy Story. Pixar were also quite surprised by how well things turned out.

Nomura also dug into how far along the game’s various Worlds are in development. Just because Toy Story was the most recent one revealed doesn’t mean it’s the least developed – according to Nomura, it’s almost finished. Meanwhile, the Big Hero 6World, one of the first revealed, is still only in the early stages. It sounds like including Big Hero 6 was a bit of a snap decision (it was first announced back in 2015 shortly after the release of the movie), which is why a single piece of concept art is all we’ve seen of it so far. Hopefully it’s coming together well, because a Big Hero 6 world could be a lot of fun.