Destiny 2 Beta Has A Funny Throwback To Paul McCartney’s Destiny 1 Song

When Bungie was making the original Destiny, it collaborated with several celebrities–you might remember the ill-fated, Peter Dinklage-voiced robot. It also partnered with Paul McCartney to create music for the game, which resulted in the singer starring in a bizarre promotional video featuring one of his songs. It turns out that the song, called “Hope for the Future,” appears in the Destiny 2 beta.

And it’s not exactly in its normal form, either. Hope for the Future can be heard during the Homecoming story mission as you play through the ruins of the Tower. In Destiny 1, you could listen to the song in the Tower’s lounge; in Destiny 2, the lounge is locked and destroyed, but you can nonetheless hear the song filtering through the door. Check out a video of it below from YouTube user Alex Woodcock:

As you might expect, given the state of the Tower during this mission, the song sounds like it’s decaying, or like the music player has been damaged. It’s a cool little detail and a throwback to the first days of Destiny. It also fits with the theme of Destiny 2: The Last City and the Traveler have been attacked, and things are looking grim. Hope for the Future seems a bit too optimistic for this game.